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Our Mission

World Health Access (WHA) is helping to support global citizens and healthcare providers combat COVID-19, as well as the spread of viruses, and diseases before they become epidemics or pandemics.

Viruses and disease do not have boundaries, for that reason we take a global approach to our mission.


World Health Access (WHA) provides products, services, end-to-end solutions in support of public health and wellness. WHA recently launched the first-ever the first-ever COVID-19 vaccination verification booklet and card, called the VAX Passbook and Health Novuspass Card.

Together, with the accompanying VAXFi app, the VAX Passbook and Novuspass Card use patented technology to help you maintain all on your COVID-19 tests and vaccination records in a completely safe and secure system, whereby only you and Authorized Administrators (with your permission) will see or retrieve your information.


WHA has created the VAX Passbook, Health Novuspass Card and accompanying VAXFi app to support the fight against COVID-19.

WHA Inc. dba World Health Access is a Delaware registered subsidiary of the International Health and Wellness Organization, with offices located in Florida and Washington DC in the USA; and in Amsterdam, Europe.

WHA products and services are available throughout the USA, Europe and soon to be, worldwide.


Peace of Mind (POM) Health Cycle System (HCS)

As the industry moves toward value-based payment models, effective management of the payment cycle will require a new, dynamic system.  Getting a sturdy claim out is just part of our fast and successful payment strategy using our all-in-one RCM app for claims, and to receive payments.


WHA through its HBS is committed to helping independent healthcare providers and physicians to successfully navigate the payments industry using RCM technologies while they continue to provide the necessary services their patients deserve.
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Get Great Value

Experience our Operational Intelligence Access Method for healthcare organizations, and you.

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Diagnosis Made Easy

Get a helping hand in analysing large volumes of medical data

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Enhanced Patient Care

Patient-centric care and better patient outcomes

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Simple-to-Use Solutions

Quick to adapt, easy to use for non-techies

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Data Privacy

Your data is safe with you.

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Business Process Automation

Higher levels of operational efficiency and reduced human error in the workplace.

Reel Code Media (RCM) technology, used in the Health Novuspass Card, is similar to the QR code, but a way more powerful and secure multimedia communications medium.

Both the patented RCM and Biometric technologies ensure privacy, safety and security by encrypting personal information; programmed to only be accessed by authorized Administrators such as Employers, Educators, Government Agencies, Travel, Medical, Healthcare, Authorities, for example.

RCM and the Biometric fingerprint technologies, that ensure unprecedented privacy, safety and security of personal information records, are patented by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.