World Health Access (WHA) provides products, services, end-to-end solutions in support of public health and wellness.

WHA recently launched the first-ever the first-ever COVID-19 vaccination verification booklet and card, called the VAX Passbook and Health Novuspass Card.

Together, with the accompanying VAXFi app, the VAX Passbook and Novuspass Card use patented technology to help you maintain all on your COVID-19 tests and vaccination records in a completely safe and secure system, whereby only you and Authorized Administrators (with your permission) will see or retrieve your information.

Why Partner With WHT?

What makes us your perfect healthcare technology and service solutions provider? We have an excellent reputation for implementing what is currently important to healthcare organizations and for always being ready to address your business challenges.


We stay on top of industry trends. We understand the needs of our clients and help them get the best solutions to solve their problems.


We prioritize our clients. Our goal is to help them reach new heights by innovating their businesses with basic but sophisticated solutions.

Accessing the Most Computer Vision Models & Technologies

We enhance state-of-the-art computer machine vision models with biometric technologies that help our clients extract relevant information from images and video.

Automated Data Capture, Data Extractor Services

WHA provides high-quality services to help find, capture, and secure data automatically from unstructured documents and files.

Robust Solutions for Rich Insights into Data and Automate Business Processes

The volume of data that businesses deal with on a daily basis is growing exponentially. Therefore, services such as data capture, retrieval and extraction have become integral parts of the workflow, and are prerequisites for effectively managing large amounts of information stored in different formats and locations.

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